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Hi everyone!!

For many, it's been quite a long time since we've touched base, but if you are here now, it's likely because you - at some point - showed interest in our girl, participated in a fundraiser, followed Emma on MySpace, Facebook or Dogster, or are just a long time friend or follower of Emma and her story!

If you are just now learning about Emma, her plight and our new rescue babies.... we WELCOME and APPRECIATE you!!

Our little girl continues to do well at FOUR YEARS OLD!! Can you believe it?? Emma turned 4 years old on August 4th and still amazes me every single day!

We lost touch with so many of Emma's friends last year when Facebook removed her "profile" page and forced us to change to a "fan page" (since she is obviously, not human - ha!) - and I'm hoping to reconnect with everyone and continue spreading the love that this tiny spirit inspired in all of us, four years ago!

Emma has had 6 surgeries to date - - for the most part, to no avail. While the small cleft in the far back (soft palate) was temporarily repaired very early on (and then grew closed on its own as she got older) - the front cleft (hard palate) remains wide open. Her face is obviously deformed and since so much tissue had to be taken in the attempts to repair the cleft, she still has that lil' crooked smile and twisted tiny nose - - but to me, that fancy face is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

Emma stayed tiny.... she is just about the same size as she was at 6 months of age - weighing in at just 29 ounces today. She is bit taller, a little longer - and is now almost totally hairless - (the cause is unknown, but she is to be tested for Cushing's disease and autoimmune disorders - - the hair loss, nor its cause, gives her no obvious problems at this point - - she's just a lil' naked baby...)

Her tiny skull is still open in several areas - (I've always said that we should have a tiny pink helmet created for her!! haha!!) - - so she has never really lived the life "of a dog" - - - (more that of a delicate lil' Princess!) She still sleeps in a playpen and we are very cautious with her in every aspect, but she is a happy little girl and we are blessed to be a part of her world!!

She eats / drinks on her own and while we have some issues to resolve with her teeth / mouth / hair / skin - - she has done extremely well, thanks to all of those who have helped make it possible for her to get the medical intervention that she needed as a baby! She has touched so many hearts - We are grateful to have her in our lives!

I would love it if you'd come join us on Emma's Facebook page.... give her a "like" and please share with all of your friends and encourage them to do the same!

Come catch up on all of the "Emma Updates" and meet our newest rescue faces as well!!

It is only through YOUR love and support that we have been able to provide for the needs of Emma when she was in such great need... and only through that love and support, will we be able to continue her care, and that of these little rescue girls who have come to us.

Thank you all for your love and support over the years - - and for those who we've lost touch with - come reconnect with us!!


Much love to all of you .... we hope that you and yours are well and we are looking forward to seeing you on Emma's page!!



August 4th

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4 Years Old!!